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Jan 2, 2018

A brilliant tale from the SoT forums

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  • Jay4dio
    Aug 4, 2018

    Yeah I'm gonna start posting more here now, feel free to turn notifications off.
  • Jay4dio
    Jul 8, 2018

    Sorry I know it's a wall of text, but football is about to start, also I'd really like a hand finishing this website off if anyone is still interested in it ? Now that was funny as…. Logged into the game purely to check out a couple of item clothing images (for a different purpose), went into open crew (as I normally seem to start at an outpost on a Galleon for some reason, and have a chat ??) Instead, I end up spawning in at a fort, in front of me a mermaid. Curious I thought, no skull cloud, so it’s not active, I’ll just swim to a tower next to me and see what’s happening. I quickly check the roster and there are 4 players, so I’m definitely on a Galleon which is what I selected, climbing the tower I suddenly see a sloop right at the entrance, oops I think, what has happened here? So I get in the tower and decide to emote sleep and hide just to keep an eye and work out what’s happening. I check out the roster, now there is only two of us ??? Did I click sloop or galleon, I’m really confused. 3 minutes of hiding goes by, and suddenly gunfire all over the sloop deck and on the beach, no-one talking, don’t know what to do. Sod it, if I clicked sloop by accident, so be it, If I didn’t well sod it anyway…. So I open up fire on the sloop, I mean a barrage of hit after hit. It goes down, then suddenly a load of treasure floats up ermmmm okay sloop killed galleon I joined and now I’ve taken out the poor sloop that got attacked, but still nobody in sight. So I head on over, out of the bushes rushes a green tagged person, crewmate yay, damn hope he’s not mad I just blew up (possibly ) our ship.. hmmm… He’s a PL and just staring at me, oops I may have made a mistake – then suddenly a message over XBL (okay I’m getting a telling off now) I open it, and It says, "thank you, thank you, thank you. We had just finished that fort, when the sloop (okay it was actually a swear word there) came over and exploded us, all my friends left as they were so annoyed, you’ve saved me from rage quitting, any chance you can get the ship back". KK Cool I said, grabbed a mermaid, started sailing then had to message him “errr only just joined don’t know which fort it was” reply: “top left”. Ahh I realised Keel Haul, I’m only the other side of the map but what the hell, so I set sail, greet a Meg, but carry on, single handed on a galleon against the wind, time goes by, now 2 more randoms appear on deck, neither talking, but one, yet again PL. So I put my headset on, and try to explain, I don’t have a clue if I’m going to the right place, don’t have a clue if you can hear me, but heck If you can get me get over to keel haul, there might be a forts worth of treasure, or maybe not I don't know?. We arrive, the original guy is standing waving, HOORRAYYYY It is the right place. All treasure loaded (and it was a damn good haul), and I get another message of thanks from the original over XBL. Then he suddenly puts on mic, and explains how it all went down, again says he was about to just quit with annoyance like his friends did and couldn’t believe it when the tower started shooting at the sloop. On way to Sanctuary yep another Meg, and not a happy lass was she, so had to down her, I say, “I’m really sorry but I can’t hand anything in, I’ll make sure we get to the outpost, but, I play with my wife and promised her this one last item that I I have to cash in, I’ll do it with her tonight, after work! 😉”. Suddenly 3 voices come over the headphones going “what do you mean”, “are you serious”, “why wouldn’t you want this" etc. My reply : “ Thanks guys, glad I could help, but, I love her” Message from XBL after from the original guy " WOW, you are a top bloke" True story.